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Customer Comments

This page is devoted to our priceless customers. Please feel free to tell us about your experience shopping at Joe's. Here are a few comments made by our customers. You can also review Joe's on Facebook by searching Joe's Hardware FallbrookCa.

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Kathy Sharp
7/30/2016 2:52 PM ETZ 
" My Black Shiny Mailbox
I often bamboozle myself into believing I am stronger, cleverer, and can conquer anything if I just THINK hard about whatever it is I want to do. This triangular mindset played like a three-piece-out-of-tune band last week when I ripped out my old, bent, seen-far-too-many-bills faded green mailbox that sits at the end of my driveway. The bent box with the door always hanging open looks more like a receptacle for donations. "I can pull this old slap box out and replace it easily," I said to myself. Operative, manic, delusional word, "easily."
I headed straight to Joe's Hardware Store on Main Street, which is as far from a Home Depot or Loews as you can possibly get. Joe’s aisles are so small you can never get lost, each aisle is jam-packed with both the oldest and latest versions of everything because Joe's services an old small town with lots of old small homes as well as the newer tract and custom homes. Joe's is awash with plumbing apparatus, toilets, toilet plungers, showerheads, garbage disposals, liquid drain cleaners, sinks (both kitchen and utility) fancy and utilitarian faucets. It is aglitter with spools of electrical wire, hanging lamps, dimmers, every size and color indoor/outdoor light bulb known to man including tiny bulb replacements for your clothes dryer, refrigerator and itsy bitsy ones for your flashlights. Bright yellow and orange extension cords of all lengths in case you really get yourself in a pickle, wire strippers, single and double sockets to plug the light show in. Like the pots of color the girls at department store make-up counters sell, paint cans stand at the ready to be mixed into youthful shades with shiny, satin, or matte finishes. There are wood stains, brushes, a plethora of color chips that will make you forget all about your planned color scheme. The building and repair hardware is neatly catalogued in endless bins, every imaginable screw, bolt and nails size and type. Screwdrivers-Phillips Head, Slo "

Kathy Sharp
Joe's Fallbrook
3/7/2015 2:45 PM ETZ 
" "California Dreamin'!" Went to Joe's Hardware smack in the middle of tiny downtown Fallbrook for plant hooks and window screen holders...somehow became completely intoxicated and am now washed in sunlight and soil mix...will post pictures of my time-well-spent later...here is a kiss and warm hug from California... "

Chrissie O'Sullivan Blackburn
Joe's Fallbrook
12/31/2014 3:12 PM ETZ 
" Stopped at a cute old time hardware store in Fallbrook on the way back from seeing snow in Temecula. Found a place to get our wood stove supplies! "